Radiant Heart Wellness Studio

Welcome to Radiant Heart Wellness Studio- massage and holistic lifestyle coaching practice.

The purpose and mission of this business is to instill that within each person is the creativity, motivation, and strategies to live a life that will bring them happiness, contentment, and health.  Spaces and services are designed to engage with you in a way that is healing, inspiring, transformative, and relaxing so you can overcome life’s challenges and live your most optimal life.

  • Transform by connecting to yourself in inspiring way that is all about YOU.
  • Thrive by working one on one with qualified compassionate practitioner that wants you to be seen and feel heard.
  • Absorb new ways of thinking that can shift the way you learn and live.
  • Escape into the refuge of a healing space.
  • Radiate who you really are to the world.

“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

Jessie Carper LMT Massage technique
Radiant Heart Wellness Studio table with buddha and flower
Jessie Carper LMT massage
Food for Wellness

My Coaching Mission

Being a health and wellness coach is like being a personal trainer for the mind, body, and spirit. I will be by your side as you overcome your most challenging health and wellness habits. I am not here to break you. I meet you where you are and then encourage you to go further by helping you connect to yourself in a way that is transformative and inspiring. I am here to believe in you even when you do not believe in yourself. I am here to help you find the path that you know is there, but just cannot see.

My purpose as a coach is to empower, listen, inspire, hold space, and offer loving kindness to people of all ages so that they can embody the values that are important to them, feel vibrant in their health and wellness, and live a life that makes them happy and content. I want people to walk into life’s storms and uncertainties trusting the map in their heart, and having healthy tools to cope.

I approach my clients holistically. This means that I consider the whole person that I am working with, and each facet that constructs their unique life. Mindfulness serves as a framework for my coaching style. We will explore your health or wellness concern in the context of your whole being in a mindful way. I like to bring a warm, curious, open minded, direct, optimistic, inspiring, intuitive, wholehearted, mindful, and enthusiastic presence to the coaching session. My goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental coaching environment where you can be authentic. I focus on what is important to you and your agenda, not mine.

Coaching is truly an amazing modality and I hope you take the opportunity to someday experience it for yourself!

My Massage Mission

My goal is to bring your body into its most optimal state so that you can thrive in all your activities, be more present in your body, and leave each session feeling refreshed. Massage improves the physical state of the body which directly affects every dimension of health and wellness. When the body is restored so is the mind, the emotions, and the spirit. To achieve this goal, my massage treatments are tailored to each person’s individual needs and concerns. I focus on finding the root of the problem and rehabilitating that problem while relieving stress and tension in the tissues. It is important for me to make you feel safe and comfortable, to use organic products, and to provide you with a quality treatment every session.

what my clients are saying

  • Jessie is amazing. She just seems to instinctively know how to help…. She’s empathetic and extremely knowledgeable. I am able to continue my fast pace and demanding work thanks to massage from Jessie every two weeks!! She’s awesome!

  • You will never feel more comfortable and well taken care of then with Jessie Carper as your massage therapist. She is the best!

  • Jessie is not only an amazing LMT but, she is also an amazing teacher that continues to inspire me!

  • Thank you Jessie. I have seen a HUGE difference in my body since I started receiving bodywork with you. You are a life saver to me.  I mean that. Thank you!

  • I’m feeling so FREE, inspired, validated, and loved after my session of massage and cranio-sacral with Jessie! You are a gifted healer and a sacred soul. .. Thank you for helping me process and equalize my energy… I love you immensely!

  • I had been suffering from cervical radiculopathy and had scheduled disc replacement surgery. (I had had a cervical epidural that increased my pain and caused weakness in my right arm.) But after reading about possible adverse events from the surgery, I decided to first try chiropractic work and massage therapy—both of which have helped a great deal. Two days after my first session with Jessie, I had my first pain-free night in nearly a year, and I awoke feeling almost back to normal. Jessie knows what she’s doing. I recommend trying a session or two at Radiant Heart Massage before going through with even a minimally invasive procedure.

  • I’ve been dealing with some neck and shoulder issues for about 15 years now. About 6 months ago they worsened to the point I had to quit my job in landscaping. I’ve also been searching for a therapist that understands the depth of my issues. Having been to 5 other therapist in the past six months, it is finally a relief to find one that has so much patience and understanding of what is going on with my issues. She’ll take the time to make sure you understand what she is doing and why. Her intuition to find the trouble areas and systematically work out the pain is a gift. I feel i’ve accomplished more in the 3 sessions ive had with Jessie, than the past 10 sessions i’ve had elsewhere. Other therapist would learn a lot booking a session with her. Also, it is for sure worth the wait to see her if she isn’t immediately available. And the drive, if it’s out of your immediate area.

  • Jessie listened to my concerns and gave me an incredible, therapeutic massage tailored to my needs. She is very knowledgeable, intuitive and compassionate. I feel fortunate to have found her and look forward to my next session.

  • After getting orthopedic massage, my back and neck pain totally gone and I felt so much more relaxed. Also, Jessie is very knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend this place.

  • The beauty of wellness coaching is its emphasis on action. The term “coaching” is perfect – in life, as in sports, there are all these manuevers you have to make, and sometime you can’t figure out which ones will help you achieve your goal, or how to set mini-goals throughout the game. When I started my coaching sessions with Jessie, I was approaching life with the same strategy I use in dodgeball – just stand in one place and hope to be saved by chaos theory. Jessie helped me to develop some ideas for maneuvers, try them, evaluate the results, and continue to the next play, all without getting hit in the face.