In 2005 Jessie graduated with a degree in fine arts from Virginia Tech. Painting, ceramics, and installation art cultivated her passion for working with her hands.  After graduation she moved to Oregon to experience visual arts, healing arts, and outdoor life in a small town called Ashland.  She made professional costumes for two years. While she enjoyed her job she hoped to work with people in a supportive way, while continuing an art form. In 2007 she enrolled in the Ashland Institute of Massage program which combined many of her interests.  After finishing school she became an assistant instructor and tutor in kinesiology, anatomy and physiology, and deep tissue massage while practicing massage at the Blue Giraffe Spa in Ashland.

After moving back to Maryland in 2009 she continued to teach by becoming an instructor at Fortis Institute for five years, and practicing massage at Ojas Wellness Center. In 2011, Jessie started Radiant Heart Massage with a dream to incorporate her values into her work. With a small business, she could focus on quality over quantity, and take the time to listen to her client’s needs.

A life changing event led her to a coach.  The process was so transformative for her that she decided to enroll in the Maryland University of Integrative Health to study the evidence based methods that facilitate human behavior change.  She graduated in 2017 with a Masters in Health and Wellness Coaching which she now practices along with massage therapy.

Jessie Carper, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)