coaching services

It is important for me to work with you in a way that makes you feel informed, comfortable, and that will provide you enough time to reach your goal.  For this reason, I offer a variety of packages that last for different lengths of time.  The main point of a package is simply to offer you a chance to commit to your process of change.

If you are not sure what you need, a short consultation is provided to find the right package for you, and to answer any questions you may have about the coaching process.  Once you have completed all the sessions in your package, know that you can extend your package, and continue the coaching process as long as you like. You can also cancel anytime. Please note that individual sessions are available if you are not interested in purchasing a package.

Please contact Jessie to set up a free consultation.


Offerings (What you will receive)

  • One hour of personalized attention to explore your life with a highly trained coach (Jessie has a master’s degree in health and wellness coaching, and ten years of experience as a massage therapist).
  • Email and text message support between sessions.
  • Resources to increase your skill set and knowledge base.
  • Packages that are self-paced (meet weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.).
  • Packages that are flexible to fit your schedule.
  • Manageable strategies and action plans that you can begin implementing immediately.
  • You have the option of having an “in person” session at Radiant Heart Wellness Studio or over the phone in the comfort of your own home.

Jump Start Package (3 sessions) This option is designed for identifying specific goals and obstacles. You will gain more awareness around your areas of concern and begin the process of becoming “unstuck”. You will explore your strengths, values, needs, and desires. In this process you will begin to recognize your potential and begin to plant the seeds of action. This option would also be great for people that have a short term goal, or in need of support to complete a project that has already been started that needs to be completed.

$70.00 per session ($210 total)

Transformation Package (6 sessions) This package will incorporate the Jump Start package and add three additional sessions for deeper exploration and action planning. You will continue to focus on strategies that move you forward. Each session will encourage you to apply your strengths, positive thinking skills, and values to your lifestyle change.

$70 per session ($420)

Evolution Package (12 sessions) This package is for those that are ready to make a longer commitment to their lifestyle change, allowing for more exploration and strategy development time.  This option allows for a greater support as you make changes in your life.

$70.00 per session ($804.00)

*Individual Sessions- $80.00 each*